Why Reel Reviews

Who Can Trust Commercials? Don’t they seem to exclaim, “By far the Best Picture I’ve seen all Year!” for every film that comes out, even when you’ve never heard of it? Or the best is when they say, “Absolutely the Best Performance of his career!”- Oh, definitely! After The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, A Bronx Tale, Raging Bull etc., etc., Deniro has FINALLY gotten it with this one!)

No One Cares About Movie Critics. What normal person pays attention to those obnoxious, know-it-all, “witty,” somewhat esteemed movie critics who dread having to give any type of compliment? I hear “Yeah I’d see that. I overheard some guy at work the other day say it was decent” too many times to think anyone ever takes the time to seek out the opinion of legitimate movie reviews before heading to theaters.

 The Box Office is Skewed. The movie ratings are consistently taken over by the same movies thanks to annoying(ly) loyal Twilight fans, Stoners who see any movie that involves a man dressing up as a woman (i.e., Madea, Jack and Jill, White Chicks) and Parents who take their young children to see any animated film because no plot is needed to keep them entertained (always the sign of a great movie and reason to be the “#1 in movie in America!”)

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